Temperature Sensor Accessories

Temperature Sensor Accessories (Union & Nipple)

3 Piece Female Union

IME 3 Piece Female Union in SS316 comes with a conical metal seat and is used in conjunction with 2 nipples to provide thermal isolation to the thermocouple head.


IME standard SS316 Nipple comes in a variety of lengths and can be combined with IME 3 Piece Female Union to meet all Nipple-Union-Nipple combinations

Male Union

IME unique 3 piece design combination of Union and Nipple come in 6 different lengths.

– Two NPT connections instead of four

– Closer control of overall assembly length

– Better control of sensor length for spring loading applications

– Sturdier construction (Schedule 80)

– Lower cost

Female Union

IME female union comes with male thread on one end and a female thread on the other, allowing a variety of combinations and lengths.